Example calculations

Examples of biodiversity calculations conservation, restoration, and corporate-disclosure methodologies

We've made a strong call to action for the interoperability of our VBC unit, to corporate disclosure organizations, and multiple crediting bodies. Our hope is that although this methodology is limited in its applicability, an interoperable unit will spur market adoption, innovation in the field, and wider market adoption of biodiversity credits.

As described the Unit of a VBC is a fixed Area of one hectare, for a fixed Time of one month with measured Integrity reported on a scale from 0-1. Where full integrity is an ecosystem with every ecological niche available to, and filled by, native species.

This appendix is to provide real-world examples for why this unit is interoperable and can be used for any conservation, restoration, eradication, or pollination methodology.

Table 3. Example calculations (with loose estimates) based on this unit include:

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